• Pallet Racking

    We offer a full range of Pallet Racking including Single Selective, Double Entry, Double Deep, Drive In, Push Back, A Frame and Cantilever.

  • Work Benches /Packing Benches

    These Benches are ideal as a work area or packing bench. Available in a variety of sizes. Lockable Swivel Wheel Kit is also available.

  • Shelving

    We offer a full range of shelving to suit every need from Light Duty Office Units through to Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Racks.

  • Parts Storage Cabinets

    Our all metal Parts Drawers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

  • Plastic Storage Crates/Bins

    We can provide Plastic Storage bins from 250 ml to 1000 litres. Our range includes Parts Trays, Tubs, Security Bins through to Pallet Bins

  • Cantilever Racking

    With Cantilever Rack, you can easily store many different types of bulky items, such as Pipes, Sheet Material and lumber.


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