Pallet Racking Safety Inspections

Pallet Racking Safety Audits

The Australian Standards calls for regular safety inspections of all pallet racking to ensure that it continues to function within the manufacturers original specifications. Rack Audit Management can look after your Pallet Racking obligations through our programme of scheduled pallet racking safety audit inspections.

We firstly prepare a schematic drawing of your warehouse and then as required we will attend to your premises and perform a "floor level" inspection in accordance with AS 4084 - 2012.

A report is provided outlining rack damage and action required to resolve any issues of safety or non compliance including: 

  • ensuring correct installation,  application and use of equipment
  • confirm that the safe working loads are adhered to
  • confirm that the racking installation has not been altered from original specifications
  • detail the type and location of incidences of damage.
  • examine the plumb of the racking
  • check connectors of beams and the presence of beam safety clips
  •  examine connectors for deformation or signs of cracking of the welds
  • confirm correct safe load signage.

We will prepare for your consideration a comprehensive report and a competitive no obligation quotation for the complete restoration of your pallet racking to  Australian Standard. 


Record Management

Retention of inspection and maintenance records is crucial. A documented procedure and audit trail are an asset in the event that you are called upon to substantiate your operational procedures. Rack Audit Management stores all your records for you safely encrypted in the event you are ever required to demonstrate you compliance.


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